Gameloft - X-Code Challenge 2013


Gameloft Vietnam is delighted to announce its XCODE CHALLENGE 2013! It is a 24-hour programming contest, organized for the third time in Vietnam. Why? Because we love to share our passion with the future programming generations! The contest offers young, talented people the opportunity to measure capabilities and to compare themselves to other programmers from around Vietnam.

The contest is structured in 3 rounds. In the first round, which is an online qualifying round, you are required to test your programming skills. Only the best coders will get an invitation to one of our 3 studios in Vietnam (Saigon, Hanoi and Danang) where the ‘real’ 24-hours Programming Contest takes place. The teams including 3 participants will have to enhance the product from Round 1 with new features, in only 24 house. The target is survival. The teams will be composed by the Organization board.

In order to solve the interesting but very difficult tasks, the participants will need various IT skills like knowledge of networking, computer graphics, algorithm theory, printing and toner. Artificial intelligence may be a great advantage. Fast and precise coding and effective teamwork are expected of course…!

The best candidates of this second round will have the chance to compete in the final 24-hours XCODE CHALLENGE in our headquarter studio in Saigon. Team must improve the product with new requirements, new features and deliver a final product with full documents, scripts, source codes. The target is product evolution.

XCODE CHALLENGE is open to all the coders in Vietnam, willing to get a challenge with their passion and organized by the leading global publisher of digital and social games. Join in one step only: REGISTER ONLINE on: www.xcodechallenge.gameloft.com


Overall schedule

  • Registrations open: 26/11 to 05/01
  • First round / Online test: 07/01 to 02/02
  • Evaluation: 04/02 to 23/02
  • Second round / 24h-contest in each studio: March 04/05
  • Evaluation: 05/03 to 16/03
  • Final round / 24h-contest in SAI: March 25/26
  • Evaluation: 26/03 to 06/04
  • Award session: 9 April 2013 


The total value of awards amounts to 100.000.000 VND

  • First prize: 3 Iphone 4S 16 GB – value: 50.400.000 VND
  • Second prize: 3 iPad Mini – value: 27.000.000 VND
  • Third prize: 3 Google Nexus 7 (16GB WiFi) – value: 19.200.000 VND
  • Incentive prize: 9 Balo Sakos ARGON 15 – value: 5.760.000 VND 


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